Writing for a Purpose

Posted on October 20, 2011 by


Why do I write? My instinctive answer: to communicate and share my thoughts. When I take interest in writing, mostly implying I am not being forced to, I stride to actually express what is on my mind. Forcing me to write on something I am not passionate about only allows me to create empty words on a meaningless piece of pater. For example, if I am pondering the potential benefit of Intel’s new Hyper Threading technology, I often write out my thoughts in hopes to share them with others that have a similar interest. I could send my friend an e-mail, or even post a review on some technology forum.  The benefit of writing, for me, is that I can actually stop and fully think through my ideas and opinions. In my mind, they may be fragmented or incomplete, but after formulating them in writing, I often have a more refined sense of what I was initially trying to get across. That being said, I also do not find it necessarily beneficial to add complex vocabulary to appear “more sophisticated.” I write, I write to share my ideas in a manner that other people can understand. Simply keeping my opinions contained and to myself seems near impossible.

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