Why I Write

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USHRS is a fascinating class. The formant is extremely flexible, but it requires a huge amount of both creativity, to come up with an idea, and focus, to follow through with the idea. Because of that variability, the presentation that arise can be almost anything, from fake hangings to fake drunk Indians. Because the class has so many oddball presentations, they can actually begin to build off of each other, and make even more unorthodox presentation possible. The only other class I’ve had that was similar was Age of Ex, and the projects in that class had far more time for each, and therefore less invention occurred.

Another nice thing about USHRS is that the boundaries are loosely defined, and, if asked in a nice way, they can be pushed even more. Therefore, if a particular project doesn’t hold any interest, it can be molding into one that does. That allows for projects that are passionate, instead of robotic, if people are willing to push boundaries slightly.

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