Why I Write

Posted on October 20, 2011 by


Writing has the power to be therapeutic. Whenever I am frustrated or sad or elated I can process my thoughts and feelings best through paper. I also love the fact that you can create a world other than you own and people who don’t exist, who you could never meet in real life, but interact with nonetheless. There is a freedom that exists in writing that is both liberating and difficult. Sometimes I find it challenging to write because there are thousands, millions of different combinations of letters and words and sentences that can be strung together and you have to choose just one of those many paths to follow. I write because I love exploring and our world, while vast, is limited in a way that words are not. Words can have meaning beyond the letters that they are composed of. Connotations, feelings, metaphors, all combine to create a larger significance behind every single syllable. Words can change lives, and that is why I write.

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