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I like writing because it’s a way to reflect on life experiences, things you enjoyed, things that challenged you, and things that made your life better. Writing for fun is the best way to write because you’re not forced to stick yourself into a mold and write what others want you to. Growing up in a private institution, I have learned the trade of writing strong essays, but on the other hand it has forced me to write about things that I don’t necessarily care about. I realize that OES is trying to form us into intellectual human beings, but there is more freedom in writing for fun than forced writing.

Writing is an important and significant part of English class, which is an important grade for getting into a good college. It may be a bit of a stretch but I hope to be able to write columns or articles for successful newspapers or magazines when I get older, and I hope to get the opportunity to write what I’m interested in and feel comfortable writing about. Junior year has really been a turning point for me as far as my writing goes because I’ve been able to really understand how a strong, fluid essay is put together. Throughout middle school and freshman year it was always about sticking to the 5-paragraph essay. Start with an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. There was no originality in these pieces because they were all structured the same.  Getting to the upperclassmen half of high school has allowed us to stray away from the “norm” and create pieces how we’d like to create them. I write for myself.

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