Bridging the Gap that “defines” racism

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I think that this issue is similar to the “Chicken and Egg” question. The different topics that branch off racism fuelled slavery, but also, the enslavement of a “inferior” race by a “superior” race also played a role in the rise of racism. This happens all over the world, throughout history, and is still present. Perhaps slavery isn’t as present, but racism, prejudices, stereotyping, and discrimination etc. are all very present in modern society. People may be judge others without really thinking about what they themselves are doing. It may just be when walking down the street in downtown Portland, Oregon. I have encountered instances where people assume that I am really into the math and science studies just because I’m Asian. Another phrase that is quite often seen or heard is, “Oh, you’re too young,” or, “This is a man’s job” or something like that. I think that a way to help smudging the lines that separate people based on racial appearances etc. is to encourage travel between countries, or just around your own country. In doing that, you have chances to learn about other people and where they come from. If we can understand others, or at least hear them out, we will be much more open to each other. I know that there are scars (not necessarily visible) in the memories of cultures and people, but if we can teach everybody about them… then I think that we can start towards a more accepting world… I don’t think that the line can ever be completely erased. I know that there are loads of language bariers and stuff, but that is another important sside. I think that encouraging the learning of other languages is very important too.



The photo above was taken by one of my friends this summer.

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