A Chance to Change the World With Writing

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The question really is, “Why wouldn’t we write?” Honestly we have so many ways to get our opinions out to the public that there is no reason we shouldn’t write. I find writing to be one of the best ways to submit myself to what I really am feeling. I can write down my dreams and what I want in life but never actually show a person. I can tell the world that I am in love with a guy and have everyone in the school find out. But writing makes it possible for the one’s who can’t always speak, speak for themselves. For example: The Freedom Writers. A teacher gave them one chance to write and all of the kids took that chance and ran with it. Essentially the students wrote all of what they couldn’t say out loud and I find that the most important part of writing: being able write gives every individual the chance to speak what is on his or her mind.

There always will be critics in writing and there will be people who try to shut down what those teachers and other affiliates are doing. But nothing, and I mean nothing, can ever stop those kids or teens feeling what they feel and seeing what they see. The only thing stopping them are the people who didnt have the chance themselves. Those people who were never given the time of day and where no one cared. They think that they are the ones who must suffer along with their kids and the generations behind them.

I find myself inspired when I read another’s writing and I think that it is the same for a lot of people. People may think that they aren’t writers when in reality they are. Facebook, Twitter, and all of the other social networking sites ask us to write something every single day. Even if it is just a couple words a day, that person is speaking what is on his or her mind.

If every person was given a laptop and wrote for a day I think we could change the world. A person from Germany could see how a person in Africa was feeling. We would be able to find connections with people we would never expect. The possibilities are endless when it comes to writing.

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